Evolution Labels Needed on Medicines

Self-qualified intellectuals, like Texas Governor Rick Perry, have a right to know! I was born in El Paso: I have a right to know! Parents of American kids have a right to know! Does the Theory of Evolution have anything to do with our medicines? Which ones? Flu shots? Cancer treatments?


Medicines which are designed based on the Theory of Evolution should have a visible disclosure label. Here are two suggestions for images that might be appropriate for the evolution disclosure label: Monkey to Man Monkey Sillhouette






Some medicines which are based on this scientific theory are described on the Evolution 101 website at the University of California at Berkeley.

Individuals not wishing to use medicines based on the Theory of Evolution should, naturally, have the right information available to select a different course of treatment. Believers in evolution will take comfort knowing their medicine is based on science (… a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe). We all have a right to know: Medicines should have evolution disclosure labels.