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Energy critical NLS in two space dimensions
Weighted low-regularity solutions of the KP-I initial-value problem
The energy-critical nonlinear Schrödinger equation in $\Bbb{R}^3$
Symplectic nonsqueezing of the Korteweg-de Vries flow
Notes on symplectic non-squeezing of the KdV flow
Multilinear estimates for periodic KdV equations, and applications
Sharp global well-posedness for KdV and modified KdV on $\Bbb{R}$ and $\Bbb{T}$
Regularity bounds on Zakharov system evolutions
Global well-posedness for Schrödinger equations with derivative
Global well-posedness for KdV in Sobolev spaces of negative index
Bilinear estimates and applications to 2D NLS
Global wellposedness for KdV below $L^2$